Is WindStream a Stock to Own Now

Is Windstream Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq:WIN) a stock to own?  Shares of Windstream are trading at $8.21 this morning. Windstream isn’t a stock to own right now but is well worth putting this one on your stocks to watch list.

Shares of Windstream have trades s high as $10.40 and as low as $7.98 in the last 90 days.  Can Windstream make you money from here?  I think it deserves to be put on watch now.  Look for shares to hold this $8.00 area before buying.  The next few trading days will be interesting to watch.  If the market grinds lower or sideways next week and WIN holds the $8.00 area it makes this set up even better.  There is also M&A speculation in the rural telecom space with Level 3 and CenturyLink being in advanced talks.  

We are not saying to buy because of the M&A news.  But certainly not a bad thing if buyers start looking for a similar deal.  Make no mistake,Windstream is no CenturyLink based on any metric you choose.

That still does not mean there isn’t money to be made with Windstream.  We are not looking to fall in love here, a simple channel trade opportunity.

This one is easy and the risk reward isn’t that bad either.  Watch it, trade it. Don’t marry it.