Video shows Buckle is not a stock to own

Buckle is a stock to avoid.  Take a look at this video, read our thoughts, then decide for yourself.  Some schools had started this week, plenty had not.  

This was taken in the afternoon hours and you would think at least one kid would be buying something!  I would think someone would have saw another spoiled kid with some really cool jeans and said kid would have to buy them or else get banished from all social events!  It simply is not happening, this store is a ghost town and this has been the theme for 5 different stores!  This is why Buckle (NYSE:BKE) was a strong sell. A sell short to be exact. The boots on the ground approach we use to find plays like this and others such as VeriFone (NYSE:PAY) see where we said PAY was a short here: Verifone is becoming a Dinosaur

The thing is the mainstream media and analyst community were calling these names a buy at the same time we were saying sell and sell short these stocks.
Guess who says they are selling now? You got it. The same idiots that were saying buy. If anything we think Verifone does have a decent risk reward at the 15.50-$16.50 area. It could actually fetch a take over at this level.
The Buckle is still an avoid as the easy money has been made to the short side. They do have a lot of cash but retail is tough for any brand selling anything right now. Unless Buckle can somehow get its mojo back and catch the next big trend in clothing I cannot see a huge upside either. They have Hurley now, a brand for younger guys who do not have spending power.

So who the heck is the target customer here? Teens? Not doing great with this fickle group of brats that have no cash. Soccer moms? Forget about them, they won’t walk in a BKE store. The forty plus ladies group? Well only if they are not in touch with their age and trying to hold on to some grasp of youth. Guys of any age? Well, maybe you can find one item in a store with how many SKU’s? The thesis is still intact for BKE not knowing who they need to target. Until they get this right, avoid this stock like you avoid Zika hotspots.

If you want our view at this very minute, not a lot of great risk rewards for our taste. I mean we have our Twitter long, but we have not been a great indicator for this one as you may know. CRM looks decent for a small option bet. We like the 70 calls that expire next week. But who is going to bet huge on that play? I wouldn’t, it is simply something to play around with pocket change.
But one thing you can bet and bet your house on. That is opportunity will surface. That is a promise.
We will be there when it gets time to go in and go in big. Just look at our 2016 plays. It has been an amazing year. We plan to carry that forward beyond 2017. But you cannot participate if your capital is already tied up. Raise cash friends. If Trump pulls the election off we are thinking they will crash the market as people do not like uncertainty. They do not know what and how he will operate. They have a comfort level with the Clintons. So no matter how you vote you should be thinking how this will play out.
Stay Nimble