The Plan


Good Morning from StockSpotify

The “Markets” are still struggling to find leadership.

This is a stock pickers market. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

The best strategy right now (for money on the sideline) is wait for earnings season (it has just started) to tank a stock we want to own.
Then we will swoop in just like we did on United Rentals URI and buy a good name that gets oversold.
See the original alert below: URI is trading at $60.39 this morning.


Original Alert Emailed to members 1-28-16

We have issued a BUY Alert on URI. The stock is down over 15%. The conference call is almost over. This is a play on the rebound of America and Canada.
We are calling this the Donald Trump Play.

Currently trading at $46.65

So let’s just do what we have been doing right? No need to reinvent the wheel.
We will scalp and swing trade when we can but need to have cash ready to deploy.
We will buy when others are fearful and short when they are boasting.
Get your bullets ready.

Oil trade is doing well and despite the easy money already being made we are still bullish. Every major financial outlet has talked Oil all week long. The problem I see is now we have a consensus change with retail investors that have switched from being negative to positive. So expect some whipsawing.
If the bull thesis is correct we are near the bottom of the new channel here in USO at $10.00-$10.20 area.

RMT Royce Micro-Cap Trust
You get paid to wait on this one. This one is showing that money is going into small caps and it looks like it’s about to break out. Don’t worry you have time and this is a great name to own. Just wait to buy on a good down day.

As we said back in 2015 Virtual Reality would be the talk of 2016. That has been a big theme this year just as we said. This one is hard to predict here but think taking some profits would not be a bad idea.
Remember 3D printing stocks?

POL PolyOne Corp
Again this is a name we like and yes it is trying to break out here. Love the management.
Strong Euro weak dollar is great for this one. But again no need to rush out and buy unless you plan to hold long term. PolyOne fits into the small cap theme that RMT is made up of.

That all for now. Hopefully, we will have some “Whale Option” trades hit and we will send alerts if that happens as well if something of substance develops today.

Have a good weekend and enjoy your family!!!!