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Need Stocks to own for 2016?

Do you want to be up 40%?


Are you looking to beat the averages?

Are you looking for a list of stocks to invest own?

Do you want to know what stocks we expect to rise?

You have found it. Our 12 Trades Per Year portfolio.

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The focus of this portfolio will not be diversity.  This portfolio will invest in a group of stocks expected to rise.

This strategy will most likely be buying stocks the mainstream media wouldn’t touch.

We will keep a number of trades to a minimum. We may trade more or less than 12 stocks. But you get the idea.


Here are the alerts sent to members           USO Buy price $7.73       USO closing price 4-27-16  $12.10


StockSpotify’s 12 trades per year Portfolio is buying a long position in USO.  The price for publication is $7.73.

The thesis behind this trade is sentiment is just so gloomy for the Oil patch and every talking head is talking $20.00 per barrel.

This is just the sauce we needed to place a concentrated bet in Oil.

Consider USO as a buy on weakness today. WARNING- This is ONLY for people who think OIL prices will go up. We are effectively trying to pick a bottom here, we could be wrong. USO is currently at 7.81.

We think Oil will be much higher a year from now. We think the best time to buy is when the media and talking heads are saying Oil goes to 10.00- 20.00. This has been the news cycle theme for the last 30 days.

We expect some firms to start calling a bottom in Oil pricing.
Do not play on margin.



2-12-16                                                                                 P Buy price $7.53           P closing price on 4-27-16 $9.45

We are adding Pandora P to our 12 trades per year portfolio.  The price for publication is $7.53. Here is the P alert sent to paying members,

Pandora Media Inc (NYSE: P) shares are trading lower by $1.50 at $7.53 in Friday’s session.
After its Q4 report on Thursday, it had nearly $2 range ($7.73-$9.64) and has already had a $2 range in today’s session ($7.38-$9.38). Before the open, analysts weighed in with both bullish and bearish commentary. The bullish commentary instigated a higher open at $9.38 (the high for the day). However, it quickly reversed course and breached Thursday’s low ($7.73), falling within a penny of Wednesday’s low ($7.37). Since making that low it has found intra-day resistance at $7.73.
If you believe Pandora is a buyout name this is a good spot to enter $7.53

The thesis behind this trade is it just seems cheap and there has been heavy OTM call buying in Pandora.

OTM call buying could indicate a Pandora takeover or it could mean someone thinks the shares are mispriced. Time will tell how efficient the markets (markets are people sometimes called sheeple, we love it when CNBC says the “markets want this it or that”, when effectively the markets can;t want anything. But sheeple can) are in pricing Pandora at the $7.50 area.

Keep a watch on call option activity as this will be interesting.  We aren’t officially calling this one a buyout stock but it comes close, part of me really wants to stick my neck out like I am prone to do and just say this one is getting taken out. I won’t do that officially but know that by being put on 12 trades per year my conviction level is ultra high. I will say this again, the 12 trades per year thesis are intended to be a highly focused highly concentrated portfolio.  If it’s diversity you are looking for this model won’t work for you. Diversity is for those simpletons or sheeple anyway.  Diversity is for the average, something we are not.  Dig up what Uncle Warren says on diversity and see if you agree.  Then make your choice whether you would invest this way.  The talking heads on CNBC would surely say no.


1-28-16                                                                             URI Buy price $46.60        URI closing price 4-27-16 $68.07

Our first trade in 12 trades per year is URI United Rentals. Buy at $46.60

URI   See email alert sent to members below

We have issued a BUY Alert on URI. The stock is down over 15%. The conference call is almost over. This is a play on the rebound of America and Canada.
We are calling this the Donald Trump Play.

Currently trading at $46.65


These are the actual alerts that were sent to members.

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