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Our Stock Alerts from last week are up over 10%.  That’s only a few days ago.



 *******Below is the Actual Alert sent via email on 3-15-16******* 



       USO Swing Trade Alert


USO is a very tradable stock. It is trying to form a new trading channel.

Swing Trade alert LONG $9.65-$9.73 area.

Click HERE to See Chart Channels

See the chart and the areas we have defined.

USO can be scalped here for a few bucks or USO can be swing traded at this level.

Oil is simply taking a much-needed rest here.

Swing Trade USO Alert issued for USO today for those that share the bullish view. The good thing is if our set up is wrong we have time for the trade to back to us


 *******Below is the Actual Alert sent via email on 3-16-16******* 



PBYI Swing Trade Alert 


PBYI has dropped from $55 to $39 in the last 7 days on no news.
We are placing a buy alert on PBYI at $37-39.50 area.

You could wait for a further pullback but Biotechs are red today.

Please note this stock carries a higher risk profile but also a higher reward.

Congrats to all that have been on the LONG OIL Trade!!!!!!!!!!


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