Stocks to own in August

Are you searching for stocks to own in August?  Are you looking for the next big thing in stocks?

Here is a stock to consider.

Twilio (NYSE:TWLO) is a name you simply cannot ignore.  Twlio makes the list of stocks to own in August.


What is Twilio?

Twilio is in the business of cloud-based, communication APIs. An app developer can call on these APIs, plug them into their larger application and quickly be up and running with voice calls, data calls, even authentication and commerce.

The company delivered sales of $64.5 million against $37.95 million a year ago, a gross profit amounting to more than half of sales, and a doubling of a debt-free asset base.


The Next Unicorn

With so many great Internet “unicorns” like Uber, AirBnB and Snapchat still in the hands of private capital, TWLO stock is one of the few places a public investor can play profitably if they’re interested in mobile, apps, cloud and the monetization of this trend. That’s why there is so much interest.

Stock to own in August

The Pile on Effect

Shares have exploded since going public and if this bull market continues momentum alone will push Twilio to new highs.  Finding market leaders has been no easy task for professional money managers and hedge funds in 2016.  A recent study again proved monkeys picking stocks outperformed most hedge funds in 2016.  What this means for you is professionals will be buying TWLO, so you can use this pile on effect to your advantage.


A Stock you should chase?

Twilio shares are trading at $56.72, up $3.42 this morning.  This name is clearly in Mo Mo mode.  A strategy to consider is wait for a down day to start your position with a scale in approach.


Looking for more stocks to own? 

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