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So you want to know what stocks to own in 2016?

Well, March is here and 2016 hasn’t been very good to investors that were long equities and everyone wants to know which stocks to own in 2016.  Everyone was calling for 20.00 oil in February including the talking heads on CNBC.  We went on the record and called a bottom(see tweet here) in oil when it dipped below 27.00.  Yes, we are looking pretty smart.  Almost as smart as we did when we called for HomeAway AWAY to be bought out(again see tweets) and again when we said AXLL Axiell Corp was a buyout target(need proof) and we had several members turn 40k into 90k in a very short time. All this is easily verified with our friends at Twitter TWTR. Oops, forgot to mention we totally blew it on our TWTR call.  We really blew that one but still think we will be redeemed in 2016 on our latest buy alert on TWTR at $15.50, Twitter closed at $19.15 today which is 3-7-16. If you want opportunities for 2016 in real time click here.

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  So what next? We continue to love the oil trade.  We like ConocoPhillips COP although we liked it better at $32.50.  We like United States Oil Fund USO even though it is an EFT with erosion and all the quirks that come with owning these things. It is tied to West Texas Crude.  GO USA right? Click here for some other oil names that are broken down into 3 groups. Oil stocks that make money or break even at $40.00 per barrel and below, $40-$60.00 breakeven or profit and $60.00 and above.  We are going to be talking about opportunities in these later. But you should get the idea by now that we LOVE the oil trade.  It was and still is a classic” Buy when there is blood in the streets” scenario.  I mean how bearish could they be?  I was watching CNBC today and they seemed amazed the price of Oil was above $37.00.  As expected, we also had the talking heads and pundits saying Oil has bottomed, see how we said this would( see tweet) happen well over a week before anyone was willing to risk their reputation by saying “Buy Oil”.  Well someone had to do it.   So with our recent successes not to mention publishing “Black Swan Events-How to Profit” in the third quarter of 2015 that saved some people a fortune.  Can we continue this run of success?  I certainly think so.


This year’s winners will not be last years winners. The FANG stocks are not the place to be.  At least not right now.  If you can’t see the rotation that is and has been taking place the last 60 days or more you really need us, or you need someone.  Look at Polyone Corp POL for the last 50 days give or take.  See our Exclusive Story about POL and GOOG relationship.  More on POL to come, but you know we like this name.  Remember when the Euro goes down it hurts Polyone’s bottom line and remember our strategy with POL and AXLL money making method.  If you don’t know our strategy you might want to join us, it wouldn’t be fair to give that little secret away for free now would it?

  Okay since you have read this far you can have a few names our members have known about for a while. We like Royal Micro Cap Trust RMT. You can see what is inside this fund here.  We had an alert on this name February 8th at $6.24 area, now trading at $7.11. This thing pays you well to hold it via the dividend.  I really like Mr. Chuck Royce.  He is a true gentleman and he will talk to me when I need him.   Other names we like for 2016? Look at Puma Biotechnology PBYI.  This name has ramped up hard the past month and up well over $20.00 since we had our meeting with our drug rep club.  I have never seen a group of people this pumped about a stock.  They are using terms like the Google of drug stocks.  If the new drug is approved they will probably be correct on PBYI being worth well over $120.00 per share.  I am very thankful I didn’t cancel that get together as this stock has already made some of our clients their entire year.  Oh, yea we like EXAS as the last year’s Dog play and we like TWTR. More “last year’s dogs-this years winners coming.   We also said 2016-2017 would bring talk of “Virtual Reality known as VR” and that is coming to pass as well. As we reported Amazon was making progress with the VR headset, we also reported AMZN maybe hiding some material events, Ooops.  We like NVDIA NVDA and Microvision MVIS for our VR plays with a few names we will have soon. Yes, we have more meetings.  Did I mention we are hiring?  If you know of any PI’s we have some assignments in various parts of the country as well as overseas.


We tend to pile into a few focus names and we some say we don’t diversify enough.  Well, we are not a mutual fund.  Too much diversification is a bad thing in our minds.  If you want or need 500 stocks go buy a mutual fund that mimics the S&P.  Buffet says diversification is for the average person.  I think our clients, our people, our network of contacts and friends in the business are far from average.

So to recap and to make this very easy for those that email us every day asking our performance record. Here is the 2016 buy alert list with entries at the time of the alert.


COP        $32.50

USO       $7.80

NVDA   $27.50 PBYI     $41.00 RMT     $6.34 EXAS   $6.51 TWTR

So as you can see these names have really popped in the last month.  Some of the stocks listed could use a breather and you will be able yo get them on a down day.  Do NOT go out and buy these on a Dow +150 day. Chill out and wait for a big down day and then make your purchase.  Remember the markets will always be here and doing nothing is sometimes the best thing you can do.  Although we usually find something every week, at least, a huge Option Whale trade that is interesting( Pandora P has been getting tons of call activity and there might be a buyout with this name, also keep any eye on Casy’s General Stores CASY), it is one of the names on our “Buyout List”.


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