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We beat analysis to death until we have answers.

The analysis works for us and we make money.

30 years of winning is why we exist.

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Can analysis tell me when to move?

Stock moves are often as not tied to insider information about what’s really happening in a company, so we pay attention to market sources like a hawk and (as part of our service) we share with Rumor and Story Stock Reports.

But detailed analysis really works. If you are willing to do the work, you can glean the good stuff the same way we do. So we’re betting you know why you don’t want to do this yourself:

Why not

You shouldn’t “study up” and figure this out unless you have a few years and a wad of cash to play with! It simply takes years of study as well as costly trial and error to really find out what works and what doesn’t, and it really is “learning the hard way”.

The “hard-nosed why”

Trust that’s earned.

Why should you trust us?

We put our wins and losses on the front page, right here, and we give you the tools to test the system for free. Sometimes we take some lumps and we don’t hide it. We just win a lot more than we lose!

We did 30 years of that “school of hard knocks” work and we took those risks. We did indeed learn “the hard way” and we graduated at the top of the class (in the winner’s column), which is why we’re still here. We made money and we are making money.

What to do next…

Learn more and get in touch! Do a little real-world due diligence about us (and we’ll point you to sources you’ll like). What moron would tell you to plunk your money down without some serious investigation?? We are serious about what we do and this is no game. Learn a bit more and when you’re ready, get in touch. No commitments and we’ll tell you everything we can.

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