Short Term Trading Ideas


Here are some of our latest trading ideas.

Some of these fall into both short term trading ideas as well as swing trades and longer term trading ideas. If you want more Short Term trading ideas delivered to you subscribe here.


Stock                                                          Entry                            Date

PBYI Puma Biotechnology             $35.72                          3-24-16

USO                                                          $9.75                            3-24-16

POL                                                           $29.22                         3-24-16

BKE                         **Short **            ($33.36)                       3-23-16

STON                                                        $23.10                         3-23-16



We have said last year’s winners wouldn’t be winners this year.

We love the Oil trade and just as we said CNBC pundits would be saying the bottom is in and telling you to buy. Where were they when USO was at $7.75 when we were pounding the table about going long USO and COP?

For today’s we like the way CASY is trading. Casey General Stores reported earnings yesterday afternoon and traded down this morning but have rebound to $104.94 as this is being written. It shows the strength of this name. We like CASY and think it is a fairly safe name to own and we still think CASY will be bought out just like Pantry PTRY.

We like USO as a buy on weakness and will record this as another official buy alert again at $9.77. Please know that StockSpotify subscribers alerted to our original Buy Alert at below $8.00.

We like TWTR as a buy on weakness at the $16.00-$17.00 area.

We like PBYI as a strong buy at $45.00 as this thing just will not pull back long. This one is a higher risk play but also a high reward. Members were originally alerted to PBYI st $42.00 after our Focus Meeting with our network of drug rep employees.

We like NVDA at $31.00 but be aware this stock has risen from $26.00 to almost $33.00 in the last 30 days.

We LOVE RMT here at $7.06. You get paid nicely to hold this one. Members original alert at $6.07.


More to come.

Stay Nimble