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StockSpotify has only one goal: sharing our successful analysis. Our small core of partners has more than eight combined decades of success. We’ve been making money with analysis since the mid-80s, which means we are well off and we don’t have to share anything with anybody… but we do share.

Why do We Share Our Results?

We help other investors because we don’t want others to go through the same learning curve we faced! (Years of work and plenty of losses took a toll on us early on.) We think any investor willing to face the market deserves to get a leg up and we know that detailed analysis is the tool to make that happen.

How We Know That

We know that because detailed analysis is what put our kids through college, paid for the houses and put the retirement plans in place. The proof is on our bank accounts, friend. The proof is a very “bottom line” thing, but our proof is called “cash” and there is no way well show you a personal bank statement.

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The Proof is in the Open
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We Aren’t Going to Quit!

We eat, breathe and sleep stocks. Our years of success have bred a pure enjoyment and addiction to this work! We love what we do! Making money is a highly satisfying thing in its own right for us and it’s a rush that lasts all day. We’d rather do this than anything else we could do for a living! We do this full time then we enjoy the earnings on vacations, like mad.

If that sounds good to you, then investigate further, with no risk:

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We paste the proof across your computer screen totally free for two weeks. No obligation, just sign up with name and email and take the Stock Spotify service for a spin! If you see solid profits, even if you sandbox your trades, we know you’ll want to keep it up.

We only say that if you like it, consider signing up for $59 a month.

That’s it – that’s the whole enchilada. There’s nothing more complicated to it.

But yes, after the trial, we’re going to yank your access to the golden info and hold it hostage.

$59 Per Month

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Our Clients Pay Up!

We don’t give it away for free! If you like it, it’ll be because you are making money, and if you’re making bank, then a two-figure overhead isn’t going to hurt. Our clients gladly bust open the wallet and send in the monthly bill. But we do more than send alerts…

What do You Get?

The Stock Spotify service provides you with analysis every day, including “Hot Trigger” alerts and “Story” alerts. Hot triggers are simply alerts that are actionable right away and may be short term moves. “Story” moves are simply news alerts that will affect a stock, such as a CEO change-over, earnings reports, etc.

Escape the Background Noise

Regardless of the alert type, we tell you more than “go do this”. We tell you why, what the analysis shows and what makes this signal stand out from the background noise.
The difference between normal activity and an actionable move is clear to us and we can (and will) explain it to you.

Day Trades

Our alerts come out in real time. If you are interested in day trades, you’ll have the short term cues to act on. {How are day trade alerts for short term moves alerted differently from longer term buy/sell analysis??}

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Home Run Performance

Any analysis service has to be able to show a home run. Here’s one of ours: This alert was sent for AWAY on Oct 22nd 2015: “We also like AWAY as a longer term play and short term. Shares of AWAY have been mentioned as a buy out target. AWAY is set to report earnings November 4th.”
AWAY Traded at $29.70 at time of the Alert and over $11,000 were gained in 10 days with a moderate buy.

Down Side Bragging!?

Home runs are great and we all live for them, but how many investment services will brag about their losses? We do. Someone once said “all you have to do is succeed 51% of the time,” and nowhere is that more true than in the market.
The “brag” is that our losses have never been as big as our home runs. Simple as that. People who don’t mention the downside are crooks, idiots and scam artists.
Our biggest loss hit us for $XX,XXX in 10 days. That was a little painful, but not really so bad.

How can losing tens of thousands in a week and a half not hurt?


In the same month we also turned $25K into $150k.

That’s how.

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Space is Limited

Take a crack at the free trial. If you are ready to start making positive cash, then try it. It can’t hurt! This is not like jumping into freezing water or throwing your wallet out the window. It’s a test to let you see what happens, for real, in real time.

But move it, because we close the list when it’s full.

When our roster is full, this ad turns off.

Our members have posted a 38% total gain this year since February. How is YOUR record? So, move it or lose it. If you snooze you lose. Do the trial or take your chances… that simple a choice.

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100% Win Rate

Our small “12 trades per year” test bed portfolio has produced a 100% win rate! Ask to see the sheet – we’ll send you a copy!

Joining Stock Spotify will cost you less than a night at the movies.

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