PolyOne break out

PolyOne Corp POL break out happened and it looks like the street has started to see just how unique this company really is.

There is simply not another company out there like PolyOne.

See the chart below where we identified the opportunity a month ago.

POL could be forming a new channel here. by StockSpotify.com on TradingView.com


As we have mentioned POL benefits when the Euro rises. This stock can be owned long or medium term as well as traded. That is what makes this one so attractive.

The strategy many members are using is own a core position and trade around it. One of the most useful tools you can have is to know how a stock trades.

If you do not have a “go to stock”, then you should get one now. POL is a great stock to get to know and have in your arsenal


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Stock to watchPOL

PolyOne a Renewable Energy Play


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