POL PolyOne Looks Tempting

POL PolyOne Corp. loPOLoks tempting at these levels. PolyOne traded at $36.20 only 6 days ago.stock-spotify-logo

We think Polyone Corp. could be worth a look at the $31.00-$33.00 level for a swing trade.

POL is a steady earner but is influenced by the Euro.

AXLL is a name that trades in tandem with POL more times than not. Putting POL and AXLL on your screen and watching for divergence has proven a good indicator both long and short.

AXLL has been rumored to be a buyout target in recent months.

POL could be considered a one of a kind name as no other company really has such a diverse portfolio in this sector.

We know POL is a buyer of companies and not a seller. POL strategy is to buy under-performing assets and turn them around. POL just finished a debt deal that is very favorable.

POL is not a sexy high flyer. The stock makes for a best of both worlds meaning it can be traded or held longer term.

Barring an overall economic meltdown we think POL is a safe name to own and a starter position could be taken at this level of $33.00 and below. Visit PolyOne at http://www.polyone.com/ to get an idea of the sectors this company serves.

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