POL PolyOne Corp and GOOG Partnership could be coming

PolyOne Google

Google has made it known that it wants to self power its data centers. We expect to see PolyOne Corp POL to aid GOOG in this effort.PolyOne Google Partnership could be coming

PolyOne could be a supplier in the kite power system under development by Google. This will not have a huge material effect on the bottom line of POL, however it shows how POL maybe one of the most overlooked NON-TECH TECHNOLOGY companies in the space.

PolyOne is already working with TSLA as we reported. We expect more contracts to come from POL with other big name technology names.

If you have a longer time horizon and believe as we do in the product offerings of PolyOne you could look to add this name on weakness.

Do not expect a press release from POL about a GOOG contract as this does not fit with the style of the CEO. They stay very quiet about these partnerships and contracts. In other words they try to fly below the radar.

We expect other firms to pick up on the fact that POL is one of the most under appreciated NON TECH TECH companies.

That is one of the keys to being a successful investor. Find the overlooked. Find the under appreciated.

Barring a over all market melt down we think investors buying POL in the low 30’s will be richly rewarded within 5 years or less.

Do not buy the stock on a 2% up day. Wait for down days to scale in slowly. Do not buy your position all at once.

This stock as we have mentioned is a easy trading stock as well. Use AXLL as a tool to help you trade POL.

Watch how they trade in tandem and when they diverge. Do this and paper trade either name for 30 days. Record your results.

In that time you should be able to trade POL very effectively. 

If you have any problems feel free to contact us.