Penny Stock Scams and Penny Stock Mafia

Penny Stock Mafia, scams and pumps.

Have you ever wondered who makes money on penny stocks? Are you looking for the best penny stock pick service?Penny stock mafia

Have you ever searched Google for “Penny Stocks” or “Microcap stocks”?

If so, your search returned a huge list of websites explaining how you can become rich trading these unknown “Microcap Stocks”.

Just to let you know how lucrative this industry is, these sites pay anywhere from $2.00 to $10.00 per click when you click on their ads! Yes, per click.  Just for the chance you will sign up they pay this kind of money.  Many of the websites are free but some of the bold ones charge a fee to fleece you. Sites like charge a monthly fee or you can purchase the Millionaire Roadmap for a mere $5999.00 per year. This site boasts 7000 paying subscribers. There are several sites similar to this that share the same address. and to name a few.  They are slick and polished, so one can see how the novice investor could fall prey to this well-oiled marketing machine. If you want to learn more on penny stock scams, read about  someone that promoted penny stocks for a living.

If you want to trade Penny stocks check out Microcapmillionaires  A StockSpotify Member just reported he quadrupled his $3000 dollar account in 26 days!


The best penny stock pick service on the internet
The best penny stock service on the internet



On the other side of the coin, we have the “good guys”?

One man has made his fortune by teaching others how to short microcaps.

Another marketing machine to say the least, Timothy Sykes. Tim took his $12000 bar mitzvah money and started trading penny stocks. His story is he turned that 12k into over 1.5 million bucks.  Now Tim charges for his learning material and various levels of access as well as his trading room.  So is this the way to profits? Shorting these penny pumps? For most people the answer is a big fat NO.

The thing with this side of penny world is when Timmy issues an alert you have tons of rabid Timmy fans all trying to find shares to short. This can cause the dreaded short squeeze.  I would dare to say Tim’s churn rate is extremely high for his customers.  Nothing on Wall Street or Main Street USA is easy.


So what is a guy or girl with a dream and small bankroll to do?

Stay the hell away from Penny stocks Scams.

Is that to say you can’t make money playing a stock that trades for pennies? Certainly not. I bought HealthSouth stock at .19 cents and turned $5000.00 into $96000.00. The largest percentage return of my career. Thank you Richard Scrushy.  The old saying of buy when there is blood in the street certainly held true in the case of HealthSouth.  The company was on the brink of ruin after accounting scandals rocked the company to the core.  Alvarez and Marsal(a turn around specialist) came onboard and saved the company from bankruptcy. So I would say a far better strategy than playing penny stocks long or short would be, find out who Alvarez and Marsal’s next turn around company is and place a speculation bet.  Who knows, you might get lucky and find the next HealthSouth.


In short the moral of the story is stop looking for the easy way out.  Investing can be brutal, day trading can make brutal look like a cake walk.

Stop looking for a Guru. Stop looking for someone to make you money. Use your brain and educate yourself.  Information is at your fingertips. Get off Facebook and start spending your time educating yourself by reading about investing and stocks.  You know companies that are in your world no matter what your occupation.  A construction worker can see that URI United Rentals is still renting equipment.  A fast food worker can see that USFS US Foods (IPO due this week) is still delivering product.


A good stock picking service can’t hurt anyone. But the most success will be found when your thoughts align with the information provider. This will give you the confidence you will need to succeed in the game of sharks. There are many good stock alert services as well as many bad ones. Find one that not only provides you actionable ideas and strategies but one that teaches you as you go. Now I am about to see if I can get in on this US Foods IPO.