Odds of a Black Swan Event Just Jumped Up

Internet Attacks, Podesta Email Reveals Rigging Polls, Russia & Over 13 Trillion Bonds Paying Negative Yields all are helping the odds of a Black Swan Event.

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The odds of a Black Swan Event have gone up and here is why.The backbone of the Internet has been under attack with speculation these were tests for a full-scale attempt to take the net down.  If the Internet goes down all hell breaks loose in a way we have never seen.

You can read more on what happens if the Internet goes down here. 

You can view attacks in real time here at the Norse Attack Maps.

Black Swan Events
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Our friend, Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge reported: “New Podesta Email Exposes Dem Playbook For Rigging Polls Through Oversamples“. Read here   This just means more uncertainty for Mr. Market.   

Russia and U.S. relations are getting worse by the day.  The Telegraph reports “Russia and the West have entered a New Cold War” quoting the Russian Foreign Ministry saying the Obama Administration of attempting “the final destruction of relations with Russia”.  Talk about strong language.

It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a historian to conclude the odds of a Black Swan Event have increased dramatically in the last few days.  The “Markets” as the pundits say hates the unknown.  When they say “markets,” I say people.  The “Market”can’t think or breath, well sort of.  I say “sort of” because we have another element that makes up the “market” and that is our friend Mr. Algorithm.  Oh yes, Mr. Algo is here to provide liquidity, haven’t you heard?  What you will see the next time a Black Swan lands is Mr. Algo who consist of 1’s and 0’s will be selling like there is no tomorrow.  Mr. Algo is not your friend and has been created by someone who isn’t old enough to remember the Dot-Com Bubble.


So what’s a girl to do?  Why not raise cash?  What do you have to lose by raising cash anyway?  NOTHING, but you have plenty to gain.  You gain by not losing. You gain by having capital ready to deploy when those bargains basement prices come.  Sure you may miss out on some upside by raising cash.  So what?  Can you handle a 20%-50% decline?  I doubt it.  I expect the indexes will be propped up as a crash before the election is the last thing the administration needs.  But keep your eye on money flows and be leery of all data the media throws out.  Remember cash is a position.  It is a play. Or you could run out and get some of that “Less than ZERO” returns by buying bonds. (Smirk).

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