How to Buy Ripple with USD in 2 Steps

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How to Buy Ripple with USD in 2 Easy Steps

Ripple’s recent price surge has prompted many to ask how to buy Ripple with USD.

The best way to buy Ripple for people who don’t already own Bitcoin is to purchase it directly through a wire transfer or a credit card.

Ripple’s trades under the symbol XRP just like Apple trades under AAPL. You can get a very informative guide to Cryptocurrency & Altcoins here for free. It is well written and an easy read.

There are other more complicated ways to buy Ripple with USD but we will show you the easiest way we have found.

It is possible to buy Ripple with a wire transfer through Bitstamp. When buying with US dollars you will see XRP/USD.

If you were to buy with Bitcoin you would see XRP/BTC.

After signing up, it is easy to send EUR through a SEPA transfer or USD by a bank transfer.

As soon as the transfer clears, fiat currency can be traded for XRP directly on their exchange.

Bitstamp also allows people to move funds onto the platform with a credit card payment or trade Bitcoin directly for XRP.

You can visit Ripple’s website to see how to buy XRP on other exchanges here.

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