Facebook word on the street Monday August 17 2015

Facebook word on the street Monday August 17 2015

Facebook word on the street Monday August 17 2015 Read below…

What’s Up with Facebook Stocks These Days?

Word on the street is that Facebook isn’t doing as well as planned in India. Seems like the Indian culture has not yet caught on to the social media frenzy. Apparently the Indians are not as keen on social media marketing as Facebook had hoped. There has been much scepticism in the Indian market and Facebook’s hopes of boosting revenues through the Indian market seem to have been dashed. However, it may be early days yet and only time will tell if Facebook will become a success in the Indian marketplace.

According to Yahoo Finance, Facebook stock is now (12:35 pm EDT) trading at $93.62 cents, which represents a 0.81% decline from the previous day’s trading. The stock opened this morning at $94.42. Despite the outlook for India, Facebook stock is still a great consideration for the serious investor’s portfolio.

Facebook stock continues to do well in the United States and other Western societies. The company is solid with a growing customer base to support its revenue growth efforts. In addition the social media giant continues to record growing profit margins and it continues to generate steadily growing cash flows.

Facebook is taking steps towards developing its platform to support more long-form content similar to a blogging platform. This move is in a bid to keep more visitors on Facebook rather than them clicking through to other URLs outside of Facebook. For Facebook this means greater user engagement with the platform, more interaction and a greater need for visitors to spend their marketing dollars to get their content in front of prospects on this giant social media network. Plans are also well underway to improve the platform’s Event feature to steal market share from Evite and Eventbrite. Now users can easily book parties and other events through Facebook’s events app.

Several stock analysts have been giving Facebook stocks a thumbs up “buy” rating including S&P Equity Research, Mizuho, Barclays, Oppenheimer and Cantor Fitzgerald. Confidence has been growing with analysts forecasting a stock price of as much as $107 within short order.

With strong fundamentals and high analyst confidence in Facebook, it is expected that the shares will continue to increase in value all other things being equal. But we never know (see our Black Swan Report) what is going to happen in the stock market do we? Nevertheless, Facebook stock symbol FB remain an attractive option for investors looking to make stock market gains.