CRC cancels Bank Of America Conference

CRC cancels Bank Of America Conference

CRC cancels Bank Of America Conference. Check out below

CRC cancels on BOFA conference. CRC confirms cancellation.

No reason provided.
This could be good or bad news.  See our conversation log with one of our contacts at the 
bottom of this alert. We will provide more information as we learn more. 

BZ NOTE: California Resources Corp. Was Expected to Present at BofA’s Global Energy Conference Tues. Afternoon

California Resources Corporation Confirms Cancellation from Bank of America Conference, Declines to Provide Reason


Conversation log

Company overall cancelled

Source: Unsure what the reason is….I would think bad but I don’t know much more about this one, chasing down another story

u think bad news

Source: I know when CFO’s are scheduled to talk and they bail it usually bullish, merger news. I was thinkign today with the stock up so much and the cancelled event that it would be a merger but I have nothing to confirm such specualtion

Source: some trusted sources from my trading days say “99% this is not a take out”….source trading desk unsure what it is

Source: I will hunt this down for you

Source: so the President backed out of the meeting at BOA conference….still trying to find out what the hell it all means

Please see where the president called for the cancellation.