Buy Alert on Walter Investment Management Corp. (NYSE:WAC)

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Are wondering if Walter Investment Management Corp.(NYSE: WAC) is a stock to own or buy right now?

We like Walter Investment Management Corp.(NYSE: WAC) as a speculative buy at the $1.00-$1.15 area.

The whole sector is down today on news Ocwen Financial has received cease and desist orders from 20 or more states it is doing business.

Shares of OCN are trading at $2.54 down $2.86, a decline of 53% whiles shares of WAC are trading at $1.12 up almost 7%.

Please note this play is extremely risky and you could lose all of your invested capital.

This is a direct bet that WAC can survive recent financial troubles or for swing traders, a bet that it can get back above the $1.20 level.

Members who shorted OCN on this morning’s email alert when shares were trading above $5.00 have more than doubled their investment in a matter of hours.

We have successfully played WAC in the past 30 days buying shares around .80 cents and selling at $1.10-$1.20 area.

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