Bottom for Oil is Near

Bottom for Oil is Near. We are calling for a bottom or near bottom with maybe a $2.00 downside in price per barrel.

Every talking head on CNBC of late basically says Oil has TONS of downside.Bottom for oil is near.

They are creating FEAR. Don’t fall for the CNBC FEAR Machine. Pick a Oil name you like and Buy.

We like COP here and below $40.00. We liked it at $39.26 Yesterday.

This call is really putting our necks on the line. Its hard to call a bottom when everyone is so negative. But we tend to go against the grain.Bottom for oil is near

The Old saying of “Be buying when they crying, Be selling when they yelling” fits in this case.

If you follow us on Twitter go back on our feed. See the calls we made about the market going down. See where we called the AWAY buyout. See many other things that have come to pass as they are too many to mention here in a quick post.

Stay aware of a possible Black Swan Event as well. The action of late was a slow bleed Black Swan. See how we prepared for this latest market swoon.

Stay Nimble