Blew Original Twitter call

Blew Original Twitter call….So here we go again. The Rumor Mill is rampant. Twitter buy out is again making the rounds among trading desks everywhere. We have had no less than 25 Trading Desks send us the same note all saying about the same thing. EXCEPT ONE, the one that veered from the herd says TWTR is a decent risk reward in the $17-$19 area.

Buyout or not TWTR shares are down BIG time since IPO. Have you ever heard of buying the “Dogs Of the Dow”? If no you can Google it.

Consider this a Twist on that theory. Buying the “Dog of Social Media”. We will Coin the Phrase today and see if “others” pick up on these thesis. We know several Bigger Name Lazy Analyst are cherry picking our views. We will take that as a compliment.

Consider TWTR shares in this area $17.00-$18.50 as a “Dog of Social Media” play. Currently $18.01

Hopefully this time we get it correct.

As you know we have called a long Oil a few days ago. They are not going to give it away no matter what the fear machine sells you. We like COP. We think if Oil stays below 30.00 for long a war or some external event takes place. Too many Power Brokers losing too much money for this to last. Buy some OIL names and forget about them for a while. Maybe even trade around the core if you choose.