Black Swan lurking?

                   Black Swan lurking?

First, let us say a Huge Congrats is in order for those that played our alerts the last 2 weeks!!

We are getting your emails and love hearing about your profits.

We are about to short TSLA in the $236.75 area for a day trade but will decide if we hold overnight…..

Markets are starting to “Feel” weird and with that being said it is better to be safe than sorry.

We have closed out longs in the 12 trades per year Portfolio as well as our long position in USO.

This was a hard call to make but with profits we have experienced why would we risk losing them?
The oil bull is probably still intact but the easy money has been made.

Now to the Black Swan.
We have seen Gold and Silver ramp lately, we have seen crap stocks run up like its 1999.
When you see the crap names run like we have seen of late it is often a sign of a market downturn.

We are working on a Black Swan play and hope to have it ready soon.

So what do we have to lose by raising cash here?
We stand to miss out on gains right? Yes, we do but would you rather miss out on gains by selling early and have cash to deploy or run the risk of being taken to the woodshed and give up our hard earned profits?

We are currently looking for the next stock to add to the 12 trades per year portfolio.
Stay tuned as this portfolio has produced 100% win rate.

See why we were mentioned by Investor’s Business Daily along with Muddy Waters Research.

We identified PolyOne Corp (symbol POL) as a vendor to Google’s power generating Kite initiative.
This was picked up by the hedge fund community and caused a run from $25.00 to $35.00.

This is the type of investigative research that can create wealth.

For $59.00 per month,($49.00 if you join for a year) less than the amount it cost to go to the movies you can increase your net worth.

Act Now before the slots are filled.

Stay nimble