Black Swan landing or just a fly by?

The elusive Black Swan at least did a fly by today. Remember Top Gun with Tom Cruise? Black Swans unlike Tom Cruise tend to stay out of the media for years and years.

Black Swan unlike Tom Cruise cost more than a movie ticket and some wasted time.

Black Swans hurt.

Black Swans cause divorce.

Black Swans can cause you to avoid retirement. 

Black Swans make people jump off bridges.

Time will tell if this was just a little blip or a precursor of things to come. I think the latter. It has been a long time (2008) since we had a Swan poop. The “Markets” (hate that term) will be here and opportunities will always be available to “Market” participants. If they go away we have much larger issues.

Don’t trade/invest with Money that isn’t yours (that would be margin in case you’ve never heard of it).

Be smart enough and strong enough to have conviction in yourself and your ability to know XYZ Co isn’t going out of business. Know time is on your side. Never turn a trade into an INVESTMENT. That’s a losers game. Man up. Real men eat Black Swans. Just ask Tom Cruise.