BCRX Zika Stock to own because funding is near

Need a Zika stock to own? Our favorite Zika stock to own is BioCryst Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:BCRX) originally based out of Birmingham Alabama.

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What you need to know about Zika stocks now is our Government is about to turn the money flow on in full force and that should benefit the bleeding edge players in the Zika sector. Here is what Politico has to say:

Senate leaders may be nearing a truce in the ideological battle over Planned Parenthood that’s crippled Congress’ response to the Zika virus.

Senior senators and aides said Thursday that the main impediment to a $1.1 billion bill to combat the virus — a fight over which health centers in Puerto Rico can use Zika funding — is likely to be dropped from the debate. That would allow the Zika money to more easily be tucked into a government funding bill that must pass by the end of the month to avoid a government shutdown. Read more: 

We say mountains of cash are about to be dumped into a very small group of Biotech names like BioCryst.

We have previously reported that (NASDAQ:BCRX) was a stock that could double in 2016 along with other stocks that could double in 2016.  You can view StockSpotify’s list of stocks that can double at StockSpotify.com. BioCryst has the technology that will be a platform for many drugs of the future. As technology advances and time compresses in science and technology, we think BCRX  can be a niche drug designer for cures that otherwise been overlooked or never funded. If BioCryst continues its path to discovery with Uncle Sam footing the bill, see BCRX Government Connections Article there is no reason to think they won’t as we have said, BCRX does one thing really really well and that is their ability to get big money from our Government. I think there is nothing wrong with that relationship, as long as I can find a path to profit with BioCryst as well. If you have a higher risk tolerance and don’t mind a Biotech, you should take a look for yourself. Visit www.StockSpotify.com to read all of our BioCryst Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:BCRX) articles and updates. You might find more stocks than can double or triple in 2017. Read about BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Pipeline here.

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