BCRX Biocryst Pharmaceuticals Original Buy Alert $8.57

BCRX Biocryst Pharmaceuticals Original Buy Alert 8.57

BCRX has been very strong lately.  While we are looking for a stockpile order coming from our Govt we are up a great amount since our original alert.  As you know anything can happen in the biotech space.  We continue to believe in the long term story of BCRX and think the company is in the best condition it ever has been.  We would not be opposed to putting some protection on via options.  We have had many clients who are carrying substantial positions with VERY good gains inquire on what now.  Well managing a winner is sometimes just as hard as a loser. Its certainly a better problem to have at least.  We do not know each individuals situation.  We have some with 20,000 shares with 80k profit on paper.  With that being said one can never go wrong taking a profit but again letting your winners run also rings true.  Bottom line if you have more stock than your comfortable with consider taking some off the table, protecting with options or combination.  Others can sell covered calls if desired.  There are so many ways to manage a winner.  We appreciate all the great feedback.BCRX Biocryst Pharmaceuticals Original Buy Alert 8.57

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