Amazon Visions of Virtual Reality

Amazon Virtual Reality

A recent patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office shows the development of a set of virtual reality goggles through Amazon. So Amazon is joining the ranks of other major. Technology companies such as Microsoft and Facebook catapulted who also attended the emerging technology are interested. Amazon Virtual Reality

However, the VR goggles Amazon from those of Microsoft in a number of important things differ. The patent of Amazon indicates that the glasses, the image data from an external device relates. This could be a smartphone or a tablet. This is in stark contrast to the Hololense Microsoft that firmly developed the company and the data in the Glasses even processed.

If you look at the pictures of Amazon’s patent application, the design of the device looks pretty easy. Amazon seems to have chosen a spectacle-type form factor, rather than a more helmet-like appearance, as with Facebooks Oculus or Microsoft Hololense. Thus users between the real and virtual mode back and forth can. For someone who has numerous the VR wants to try products, is the prospect of wearing a simple glasses, less funny than a fully equipped device.

An indication of the competitiveness of the equipment is difficult because little is known about the device. In addition, the information on the Oculus of Facebook or by Hololense are
Microsoft also not abundant scattered. However, what we know about Amazon’s strategy, helps us to imagine how a VR goggles can help the technology giant.

For a look into the future is again necessary, but if Amazon can bring its television and movie content in a VR format, it could enhance its Prime Instant Streaming service significantly. Since Amazon likes to increase the Prime membership, because they bring additional benefits, could be developing
a VR glasses complement the big picture. Studies have shown that Prime members annually spend $ 1500 on Amazon. Non-Prime members, however only 625 USD.

Today the device is just a patent and still not a real device, which is really developed. However, it is a compelling story because of timing.