7 Things that Happen If The Internet Goes Down

7 Things that Happen If The Internet Goes Down

Ever wonder what would happen if the internet went down for an extended amount of time?

Why don’t we take a look just how bad things will get if the internet goes down.

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What happens if the Internet goes down?

The internet going dead for a couple of days would leave ripple effects that would hamper future food supplies as soon as the next week

The stock market would likely be closed in a total internet outage.

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Traffic will be snarled because lights run on computers and the computers can’t get updates.

Grocery stores shelves empty.

Governments and militaries all over the world will be on high alert.

Financial loss starts to seem relatively insignificant to the other effects.

Half the planet will suddenly crash into a standstill.

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Suddenly all those Preppers don’t look so crazy.





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