2 Stocks to Own for 2017-NVIDIA & Lending Club

Here are 2 stocks to own stocks for 2017

We have issued buy alerts on these names in 2016 producing great gains and sticking with these as stocks to own for 2017.

First, we have Lending Club (NYSE:LC) on the list of stocks to own for 2017.  We had this one on our list of stocks that could double in 2016 and indeed it came very close to a double, trading at $3.55 at the time of the original alert to $6.52 in recent weeks. Rising rates should not hurt this name and it would not be surprising if a bank name bought Lending Club.  This one is trading at a level that a swing trade could be made for players not wanting a long term commitment. A move from $5.00 to $6.50 is a 30% gain no matter how you slice it.  The worst should be over for Lending Club, so a 30% gain looks doable from here.

We think Lending Club is a buy in the $4.50-$5.45 area.

The thesis for NVIDIA is a simple one.

Next, we have NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) which just filled the gap after a decline to the $87.50 area, currently trading at $92.09.  We have pounded the table on this one all year and have written about it many times.  See our first article written March 2, 2016, when NVDA was trading at under $32.00,  NVIDIA a Virtual Reality Play

We think NVIDIA is a must own stock for 2017.  Think back how Qualcomm was acting back in the day.  Remember CNBC and the Qualcomm voice over?  They played it almost every morning for months it seemed.  QCOM just kept going up.  Think how Google, Amazon & Apple traded when they were making their epic moves.  Those stocks produced amazing returns but they did not go straight up.  They would back and fill and were a subject of headlines and rumors, just like NVDA.  You will have short sellers writing hit pieces and long players pumping it the very same way.  History repeats itself and this time is no different.  But this time not many monster stocks are acting like NVDA.  There just aren’t many producing like this in such a white-hot sector.  Many professional money managers have missed the whole post-Trump rally leaving themselves desperate for gains.  These facts will create more demand for shares of NVDA as institution fund managers will want to own this name. We think this story continues to return positive results for investors.  If you are nervous buying a stock that has came this far this fast, consider buying ITM call options or if buying shares, consider protection via puts.  I think one would be foolish not to purchase protection on any high beta name.


We think investors can buy these 2 stocks and be rewarded in 2017.

We have had a blessed year in 2016 with a big majority of our calls producing crazy returns for members. Our plan is to stick to our knitting with quality over quantity as this method works.

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